07/22/2021 Jeni Kramer

Employer websites: Your job search secret weapon

When looking for jobs, never underestimate the power of going direct to the source. In this case, that means applying for positions directly through company websites. 

Submitting your application through company websites vs. through some of the well-known job search websites can actually put you in a much better position to land the role you’re looking for. For starters, it ensures your application arrives in the company’s preferred format, rather than in the one tailored for the search site. Also, depending on the position, it may put you in a smaller applicant pool than those who submitted via search sites. Applying directly through company websites is also the best bet when it comes to protecting your personal information–if you’re using unreliable sites to apply for jobs, you could end up handing your information directly over to scammers or to a site that is sharing your information beyond where you want it to go.

Aside from giving your application an edge, company websites can also give you a useful window into a potential employer’s world. Overall, is their website well organized and well maintained? Take a look at informational or ‘about’ pages; do they demonstrate their values or give you a sense of company culture? While a poorly presented website certainly may not be a dealbreaker, you may be wise to proceed with caution if their digital presence projects an image that doesn’t align with your goals. 

When it comes to a company’s career page, a savvy job seeker can glean a wealth of valuable information from the types of jobs posted. A company with a large number of openings in one area of the business may have some exciting strategic growth initiatives in the works; whereas one with a consistently high number of openings across all areas of the business could point to issues with turnover. The content of the listing itself can also be telling. Job listings that employ more playful language typically hint at a casual workplace, where more formal language might indicate a far more buttoned-up environment.  

In addition to getting a sense of what it might be like to work for a particular company, a potential employer’s website can also give you a leg up in the interview process. Look for recent press or news sections for hints on what the organization might be up to. These items make great conversation starters during an interview. Employers appreciate when you’ve done your homework, and when you can give concrete examples of how your skills might align with the company’s recent trajectory. Make sure to check out any social media accounts held by the company as well for additional news, and to get a feel for their engagement with the public and current employees.

So, just how DO you go direct? You could spend your time making a list of every company you might want to work for and checking each of their sites one by one, but who has time for that? Getwork helps you streamline your search, and each and every listing takes you directly to the company website to apply. The Balance Careers has recognized Getwork not only for our forward thinking in connecting job seekers directly with the companies they want to work for, but also for being one of the overall best job search sites of 2021

When it comes to job hunting, there really is no better route to your dream role than applying directly through company websites. And when it comes to search, you can always trust Getwork to get you there. Time to sharpen up those interview skills, you’ll be on your way to landing that job in no time!