07/26/2018 Steph Anderson

Scam alert: copycat job websites

Scams are everywhere, fake IRS phone calls, smishing (otherwise known as SMS or text phishing), that Nigerian prince who keeps emailing you. Job sites are no different. Right now at LinkUp we’re dealing with a problem:

Our web address: www.linkup.com

A horrible knock-off in India that is apparently scamming job seekers is located at: www.linkupjob.com

It was sort of amusing at first to have our own New LinkUp before we found out they were scamming job seekers, but scam sites are miserable and the online job space is, unfortunately, filled with them. Sites like Linkupjob.com are the parasites of the web, preying on unsuspecting people and hoping no one picks up on, in this case, the obvious signs that this is a scam site.

To be clear, www.linkup.com is a Minneapolis-based job search engine that ONLY indexes jobs directly from company websites. For over 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves to serving job seekers with a vision of building the best job search engine on the web. We NEVER take money from job seekers and we do not require job seekers to register to search jobs. We also don’t collect resumes so we don’t sell user data.

Turning back to linkupjob.com, it’s easy for even savvy internet surfers to get hoodwinked by misleading websites but there are both subtle and obvious things to look for as you navigate around a site. And that is perhaps the first cardinal rule – if you are going to upload your personal information onto a site you’ve never used or visited before, absolutely make sure to spend sufficient time exploring (i.e. investigating) the site, reading the ‘about us’ page, and clicking on links to see who they are, how they operate, and what kind of a business they run.

Using LinkUpjob.com as an example, we’ll point out some of the things to look for before you upload a resume or enter personal information (and for sure before you enter credit card information).

1. Outdated copyright from 2017

2. Buttons that don’t work
For example, none of their social buttons work because they don’t have social media pages.

3. No social media presence
The widget that shows Facebook activity simply contains a generic Facebook post instead of their own.

4. Template pages
Unfinished pages filled with gibberish and Latin filler text.

5. Incomplete and copied terms of service
There are placeholders like [company address] and [opt-out email] all over their terms of service and you can see they copied their terms of service from another company.

6. Messaging that doesn’t make sense.
Am I uploading a resume or browsing a resume?

7. Misspellings
It’s LinkedIn, not “Linkdin” or “linked in” as referenced on the same page.

8. Bad grammar
linkupjob.com will like to thanks all those who supported us in good or bad days without your support we would not be able to accomplish it.” What does that even mean?

We’ve been contacted by several people asking for refunds. Again, we never charge job seekers for our services and had to remind them of this. We feel awful this is happening and hope this post will educate people in the future. If anyone reading this is willing to take an extra minute, we’d greatly appreciate any help anyone can give us to spread the word that linkupjob.com is a scam site by leaving comments on job seeker blogs and career sites.

Please, always click with care, and know that we are unwavering in our commitment to put you first. Visit us directly at www.linkup.com and know we will never ask for your money, registration, or share your information with anyone. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

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