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Greatest hits: LinkUp’s hottest blog posts of the year

TheLinkUpBlog_imageThe year 2016 had its peaks and pits, but no matter what, it’s one to remember. The LinkUp blog continued to grow in readership and served as a platform for us to speak our minds and tackle sometimes tough topics. It’s more than just what we have to say; it’s what you — the readers — commented regarding these myriad topics. It’s this ongoing conversation that fuels thought leadership and innovation in our industry, so let’s keep our voices strong in the new year.

With that being said, here are the top 5 “greatest hits” from the 2016 blog:

5. Having a baby is no vacation

Having a baby is a life-changing experience. The novel “Meternity” is about a fictional character who covets her coworker’s maternity leave so much that she fakes a pregnancy to experience the break herself. This story didn’t sit well with many mothers who know those first handful of months can be really tough. What’s more, with the poor parental leave policies in the U.S. for most workers, new moms must often choose between taking unpaid leave or rushing back to work to make ends meet. Having a baby certainly is no picnic for the majority of working women.

4. Removing salary disclosures helps job seekers win equality

It’s the same whether you’re buying bananas or hiring an employee: When you know how little you can pay for something you need, it’s human nature to seek out the best price. Whether on purpose or subconsciously, many companies are able to wage-gouge employees by asking on the application how much professionals have made at their current and previous positions. This blog analyzes the Massachusetts law that makes it illegal to ask about past compensation on an application, and why this could be a real move in the right direction for equal pay for all workers.

3. Employee resignations: counter offer or say good bye?

For managers and those in HR, deciding whether to make a counteroffer to an employee who has given notice can be incredibly difficult. That decision must emerge after numerous considerations. The problem is likely more than just salary; it could be the company isn’t a good match for the employee’s work style or there aren’t enough advancement opportunities. Unless you’re willing to look deeply into the problem and fix it, it’s best to let the employee go and part ways amicably.

2. Employees working while ill? Maybe it’s the PTO policy

As temperatures dip, the coughs, sniffles and sneezes seem to spread like wildfire across the office. People become ill; some will call in sick while others will try to power through and work despite having the flu. Of course it’s best for sick employees to stay home to avoid spreading their illnesses, but that’s not always what happens. This blog looks at the pros and cons of several approaches to PTO that can encourage sick employees to stay away.

1. Drum roll for … How Uber’s labor model is changing talent-acquisition

What really caught readers’ attention was our blog about Uber’s unique labor model and how it’s shifting the hiring landscape. For recruiters, the trend of businesses offering on-demand services means tackling unique hurdles. Thinking strategically, broadening outreach and offering sign-on extras can all speak volumes when attracting new talent. Retention is another beast that must be tamed. This blog offers nuggets of insight to help modern recruiters with these new challenges.

What’s next for 2017? That’s up to you! Please share your thoughts on what you want to hear more about in the new year.