Culture & Diversity

Equal Leave For All

June 6, 2019 Molly Moseley

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but adjusting to parenthood can be a roller coaster of ups and downs. It takes time to find a rhythm, and even after baby becomes a bit more independent, there are still challenges. …

Women taking center stage in todays workforce

February 14, 2019 Molly Moseley

It’s a proud time to be a woman. In the past few weeks, women have dominated the news cycle, making headlines from Hollywood to politics. In the State of the Union, women democratic representatives clad in white attire stood tall as …

Are you a humble-bragger?

October 26, 2018 Molly Moseley

Famous author and venture capitalist Guy Kawaski once said, “If you don’t toot your own horn, don’t complain that there’s no music.” He’s right, you should be proud of your accomplishments, and you can’t expect others to promote your successes. …