12/18/2019 Molly Moseley

6 Trends That Will Shape Recruiting in 2020

Evolving technology and a competitive job market have brought unique challenges for HR this year. Recruiters are anxiously awaiting what the new year, just a few weeks away, will bring in the hiring landscape.

Fortunately, 2020 looks bright for those who embrace change and look to the future. Here are six top trends poised to dominate in the new year from the experts at LinkUp:

Remote hires

Technology continues to grow, making it easy for professionals to work from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, there has been a cultural shift in many workplaces so that companies in various industries are welcoming remote workers with open arms rather than skepticism. By nature, if you’re hiring to work in the office, you’re limited to people who live within commuting distance. If you hire remote, you broaden your candidate pool tremendously, which could mean uncovering superior talent.

The four-day work week

Want to capture the attention of top candidates in a competitive job market? A four-day work week will be music to their ears. Microsoft has proved better outcomes with a four-day work week, including happier workers and a 40% gain in productivity. Look to 2020 for other forward-thinking employers to follow. Even if it’s half days or early release on Fridays, this is a notable benefit for many employees that prioritizes work-life balance.

Programmatic recruitment strategies

If you aren’t already integrating programmatic advertising into your recruitment strategy, you better make it a part of your New Year’s resolutions or you’ll quickly fall behind the competition. Programmatic uses technology and big data to optimize your job ads, meaning you’re proactively targeting the right candidates at the right times. This can help streamline recruitment efforts and result in a more qualified candidate pool, not to mention potential cost savings when done well.

Superior candidate experiences

It’s no longer only up to the candidate to worry about making a great first impression because now they count on both sides of the hiring fence. Smart recruiters will look to the new year to focus on the candidate experience and how they can improve the application and onboarding process. This may include leveraging technology such as chat bots to personalize the experience for candidates. Of course not every candidate will be hired, but what they do experience will provide them with a lasting impression of the company. Make it a good one.

Creative recruitment

Unemployment is low across the country and for many open positions there is a lack of qualified and available candidates. This scenario typically means higher recruitment costs, so hiring managers are starting to think more creatively. Can you update your benefits offering to add more unique features? Are you able to drop requirements like college degrees to expand your applicant pool? Can you blend positions in order to attract different applicants with varied skill sets?

Employer branding

Companies with great brand reputations bring in great candidates. However, those reputations take time to develop. 2020 will be the year that more companies look introspectively to try to better their reputation not only to clients and customers, but also to potential employees. Conveying a high-quality and authentic employer brand can influence perceptions and be the tie breaker that influences a candidate away from a competitor.

What other trends do you think will emerge or grow in 2020 in the recruitment space? We’d love to hear your thoughts!