06/20/2018 Brad Squibb

LinkUp Partners with Recruitology; Expands Job Seeker Reach

LinkUp announced today that it is adding to its growing network of job sites by partnering with Recruitology, a cloud-based HR technology platform. Recruitology currently powers local mid-to-large market job sites across the US on behalf of its media partners.

The partnership will provide Recruitology an increased inventory of job openings, covering a wide variety of industries, job types and locations, in order to provide a fuller experience to job seekers visiting job sites powered by Recruitology. “LinkUp’s Jobs API is an excellent solution that allows us to tap directly into a high quality database of job openings,” says Roberto Angulo, CEO of Recruitology. “LinkUp’s white-label backfill also aligns with our strategy of keeping our media partners’ brand front and center,” Angulo added. A growing number of local job sites, including The Miami Herald and The Kansas City Star are currently powered by the Recruitology platform.

“Integrating into Recruitology’s platform adds tremendous value to our existing network of partner websites,” says Brad Squibb, SVP Product at LinkUp. “Our mission is to extend the reach of our job content across the web, far beyond our own web properties, and it’s partnerships like Recruitology that allow us to accomplish this.”

About LinkUp

LinkUp is a leading data-driven job search company with over 5 million active job openings listed directly from over 50,000 employer websites. With the highest-quality index of US and international job listings, LinkUp enables people to find great jobs, superior candidates, and brilliant labor market insights. Find us online at www.linkup.com, and to learn more about publishing LinkUp job openings on your website, visit: https://www.linkup.com/publishers/

About Recruitology

Recruitology is a cloud-based HR technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to connect employers with the right candidates. The platform provides programmatic job distribution and access to a network of niche job sites and destination sites spanning popular categories from entry-level to healthcare, diversity, engineering and technology. Recruitology also powers white-labeled job boards and recruitment mobile apps for local media companies. Sophisticated job monitoring, tracking, and analytics ensure employers get access to the right candidates. Visit www.recruitology.com.